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Key Fire BIG – 10 is a heavy duty double jacket rubber-lined attack hose.


  • Featuring special FDNY Spec 1-3/4″ attack hose for 21% alleviation in friction loss
  • 100% synthetic all polyester double jacket
  • UL Listed
  • 100% mildew resistant
  • Heavy wall EPDM rubber liner
  • MIL-H-24606 first article examined and validated
  • 10 year warranty


Hoses fabricated to this specification standard is verified as an exceptional quality and craftsmanship. The hose is meant to resist the rigorous handling of front line fire fighting. The hose indicated must meet up to the NFPA 1961 grades. For consumers in North America, because of the zero verification of adherence to NPFA 1961 grades, importation of hose shall not be agreed to. Hoses provided under this specifications shall have a prospective service life and a warranty of 10 years, excepting any mishandling that would make it unworthy of service. Upon delivery, the product shall be free from faults in workmanship and materials.

Jacket Assembly:

A double jacket fabricated to this specified description shall be tightly woven with filament in the filler and ring spun polyester yarn in the contort of inner and outer jackets. The inside jackets fabricated from 100% filament polyester would not level up with the Big-10 average grades. The specified hose shall be resistant to several petrol products and chemicals, and high resistance to breakdown due to ozone and Uv-rays. It shall not be affected by mildew or rot. The outer and inner jackets shall be fabricated using an average pick count of 9.5 picks per inch for abrasion resistance and enhanced durability. The inner jacket shall be fabricated utilizing a reverse twill procedure for friction loss reduction. The inner jacket shall be fabricated on a circular loom in a clockwise movement and the outer jacket in an anti-clockwise movement. The hose must be of adequate body and weight to level up with the requirements of heavy-duty fighting utilization.

Abrasion Infuse:

The hose assemblies shall be provided with unique “Key-Lok” polyurethane based polymer infuse for abrasion resistance and easy recognition. Infused hose shall level up with the standards of MIL-H-24606B for abrasion resistance. The end user may specify their NFPA colors. A double dip process for double abrasion resistance will be provided upon demand.


The rubber lining shall be a single-ply extruded tube of synthetic EPDM compounded to resist ozone. The finished product shall be free of pits or any other kind of faults, and must have a flush finish with an average wall thickness of .040″. Reclaimed rubber shall not be used. Plastics tubes that jeopadizes the durability of the hose life in place of weight shall not be used. The FNDY LINING is built with a super flush oversized rubber line for reduction of friction loss by 21% compared to standard 1-3/4″.

Adhesion, Tensile durability, and Ultimate Elongation: All these shall meet up to the grades of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. including other properties of UL-19 for rubber lined hose. A reliable USA/ULC Underwriters inspection process shall be in force.


The average burst examination pressure, when examined according to the NFPA 1961, on all Big-10 diameters up to 3” shall be 1200 PSI/82 Bar. the service test pressures stenciled on the product shall be in accordance to the current average standards of NFPA 1962. A current USA/ULC Underwriters 800 PSI/55 Bar listing shall be in force. The available lengths are up to 100 feet.


Fire hose fabricated to this spec shall meet and surpass all performance conditions of NFPA 1961, Underwriter’s Laboratories and MIL-H-24606 standards.


Big-10 shall be coupled with 6061-T6 extruded aluminum threaded couplings or forged storz. Special threads or other custom features shall be made available upon demand.

Performance Chart

Size Part No. Test Pressure Burst Test Kink Test Bowl Size Weight/ft. Uncoupled Request Quote
*1-1/2″ DP15-800 800 psi 1200 psi 600 psi 1-15/16″ .34 lbs. Request Quote
*1-3/4″ DP17-800 800 psi 1200 psi 600 psi 2-1/8″ .38 lbs. Request Quote
*1-3/4″ FDNY DP18-800-FDNY 800 psi 1200 psi 600 psi 2-1/4″ .42 lbs. Request Quote
*2-1/2″ DP25-800 800 psi 1200 psi 600 psi 3″ .54 lbs. Request Quote
*3″ DP30-800 800 psi 1200 psi 600 psi 3-1/2″ .74 lbs. Request Quote
*3-1/2″ DP35-600 600 psi 900 psi 450 psi 4-5/16″ .90 lbs. Request Quote
*4″ DP40-600 600 psi 900 psi 450 psi 4-1/2″ 1.0 lbs. Request Quote
* UL Listed


Special diameters or construction feature may be manufactured based on customers requests. Contact Johnkeans customer service for more information.


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