SAE 100R1

The SAE 100R1 hydraulic hose utilizes water-based and petroleum fluids having temperatures between 140° to 100° C.

TYPE A – This is an internal tube of oil-synthetic rubber, an oil- and weather-resistant synthetic rubber cover, and a single wire braid reinforcement. A braid or ply of the right material can be utilized over the wire reinforcement or the internal tube anchoring wire cover to the reinforcement wire.

Type A: – an inner tube of oil-resistant synthetic rubber, a single wire braid augmentation, and an oil- and weather-resistant synthetic rubber cover. A ply or braid of appropriate material can be used over the inner tube or the wire augmentation (or both) anchoring cover to the augmentation wire.

TYPE AT: This product has a similar construction as TYPE A; however, the TYPE AT cover is made for fittings that do not need the removal of the cover, also known as skiving.