At Johnkeans, we provide a wide range of Industrial Vacuum Hoses, both Urethane, and Rubber. Every of our Industrial Vacuum hoses is rugged for any application, flexible, and lightweight. The products are abrasion resistant and can be operated with temperatures from as high as 200 degrees F to as low as -65 degrees F, maintaining a safe flow regardless of the weather. At Johnkeans, we offer a whole line of valves, quick disconnect Camlock, strainers, and other products to supplement the suction hose. Making the right fittings for a suction hose and its application is essential for the best performance, safety, and durability. Talk to any of our host specialists. They are always available to provide the best solutions for your pumps, trucks, and blowers’ smooth operations. At Johnkeans, we provide standard products that you can always count on for all your applications.