Johnkeans is a leading manufacturer of high-tech Hose, Hose Accessories, and Hose Assemblies. We have been able to establish outstanding customer service for several years in different industries across in globe. We have set the pace in the industry by introducing high-quality products with high dedication and the best of initiatives. In the Concrete Pumping and Placement Market, highly resistant equipment is needed to smooth the operation of extremely abrasive materials, including shot, dry cement, gravel, sand, mild chemicals, and lime.

The Johnkeans Concrete Pumping and Placement hose and assemblies are highly rated among other hose brands in durability, Ozone and UV exposure, abrasion and buildup resistance, and general features. Boom Pipes, Valves, Hoses, Couplings, Elbows, Shotcrete Nozzles, Deck Pipes, Clamps, and many more are part of the Johnkeans Concrete Pumping and Placement equipment. They are all fully available and ready for shipping. Our in-house crimping permits seamless customized assemblies of your choice configurations and varieties.