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We are elated to announce that Johnkeans Belt Enterprises has acquired HosePower Canada!

Headquartered outside of Toronto, Ontario, HPC is a distributor of hydraulic, industrial and propane hose, fittings, and accessories. The Company has six locations across Eastern and Western Canada and serves over 3,000 customers across a variety of end markets including forestry, construction, agricultural, and diversified industrials.

Johnkeans Belt Enterprises stocks and distributes a full line of Agricultural Hose solutions, including bulk hose and custom assemblies. Johnkeans Belt meets the needs of both OEM’s and Fertilizer Equipment Parts Dealers through any of our five stocking warehouses and fabrication facilities. We work with all major Domestic and Global sources to supply you with the most diverse line of products. We provide Hose Kits, Boxed lengths and Private Branded hose upon request.
Johnkeans Belt is proud to present our Eaglecrete® Line of Concrete Placement Hose. Johnkeans Belt Eaglecrete® Concrete Placement Hose is designed and manufactured to stand up to the most abrasive applications and our lines of Material Handling hoses are designed and manufactured to stand up to the most abrasive materials, from sand, shot, dry cement, gravel, seed, lime, animal feed, or even mild chemicals, agricultural sprays, and hot air. For excellent abrasion resistant capability, our tube materials include natural rubber, EPDM, and an SBR/NBR blends. Covers are made of SBR, EPDM, and PVC to stand up to rough treatment as well as UV and ozone exposure.
The effects of natural or manmade disasters can be devastating. You can rely on our team of experts to assess and prepare Customized Hose solutions, no matter the size of your recovery effort. From portable pump suction & discharge hose, to high pressure hydraulic hose for hydraulic submersible pumps Johnkeans Belt is ready to serve you. We stock miles of large diameter dewatering hose, oil suction hose, pressure washer & waterblast hose, air hose, as well as any types of fittings including field attachable.
Polyester Fire Hose lined with a high-tech EPDM tube. Designed for fire brigade or exterior fire protection.
Johnkeans Belt Enterprises supplies the highest quality Sanitary Hose & Hose Assemblies to the Food, Dairy, Beverage, Wine, Biotech, & Pharmaceutical industries since 1977. Johnkeans Belt Enterprises has a complete line of sanitary food grade hose, sanitary tubing, and sanitary fittings for every application, all of which meet FDA and USDA standards. Our experienced specialists assist you to select your sanitary food grade hose to ensure you’re getting the correct hose for your application. Call one of our specialists at (123) 456 7890 or Contact us by email at info@Johnkeansbelt.com.
Johnkeans Belt is a supplier of hoses for industrial, commercial and military applications, but we don’t stop there. Johnkeans Belt supplies all kinds of Hose Products and Accessories for all types of applications. Below is just a sampling of the hose accessories we supply. From hose safety products to fluid control accessories and much more, our goal is to truly be a one-stop-shop for all the hose supplies our customers need to get the job done saving them time and money.
Johnkeans Belt Enterprises, Inc. carries Hydraulic Hose in the sizes, lengths & vacuum ratings for any low to high-pressure apparatus. Most of our Hydraulic Hoses come with a choice of covers depending on usage conditions. Along with our bulk hose, Johnkeans Belt custom assembles Hydraulic Hose in many variations. We also carry hydraulic Fittings, Adapters, and Couplers to work with any type of hydraulic systems with any pressure rating requirements. Johnkeans Belt can provide low pressure hose to ultra-high pressure hydraulic hose for arduous operating conditions needing extremely high flexibility. Johnkeans Belt also offers J-FLEX® hose, our own private brand of hydraulic hose products. Download J-FLEX® Hose spec sheets or use the J-FLEX® Hydraulic Hose Comparison table to help select the proper J-FLEX® hydraulic hose for your application.
Industrial Cleaning is a durable, high quality product for essentially every application. A member of the WJTA – WaterJet Technology Association, 100% tested and certified, our Waterblast hose will deliver a clear solution for the Industrial Cleaning Market. Paint removal, hydro-demolition of concrete and tank cleaning are a few of the applications that our Waterblast hoses excel at.
Johnkeans Belt Enterprises is the go to source for all of your assorted Industrial Hose needs. We provide Hose, Fittings, and Hose Assemblies for a multitude of Industries, including agriculture, construction, marine, transportation, and mining. Johnkeans Belt supplies Suction Hose, Discharge Hose, Air Hose, Pressure Washer/ Wash-Down Hose, Hydraulic Hose, Miscellaneous Hose, with Fittings and Strainers. Many of these hoses come in bulk or can be fitted for a custom assembly. Johnkeans Belt is able to fabricate and repair custom assemblies. With experts in welding, fabrication, and engineering, we can address the most difficult requirements in custom hose assembling. We are capable of TIG, MIG, Silver Solder, and Turn Table Welding, and combined with our lathe and milling capability, we are able to use your existing fittings to crimp on new hose and test it according to NAHAD standards. We can do this with hose assemblies for any application, including hose assemblies for chemical, petroleum, hydraulic, and more!
Reinforcing our capability to meet the growing demand for Large Diameter Hose (LDH),Johnkeans Belt Enterprises, Inc. has decided to expand our production capabilities to include 12” crimping. With our continued development and support of the energy exploration market, Johnkeans Belt Enterprises, Inc. has invested in the Techmaflex PES-500 Large Bore Hose Assembly Machine. We feel this investment will lead the energy exploration market to the next level. We also look forward to this investment opening more opportunities in markets where the need for safety of crimped large diameter hoses exists.
The LDH, or Large Diameter Hose market, is one of the fastest growing markets in the industrial hose industry today. Johnkeans Belt Enterprises supplies Lay Flat Water Transfer Hose that has been created to be dependable and durable, yet still lightweight and flexible. Johnkeans Belt provides large diameter lay flat transfer hose that works for both light and heavy duty services. The capabilities of the Lay Flat Water Transfer Hose include, transfer of water, oils, sludge, fuels, chemicals, and much more. JGB Enterprises supplies custom assemblies for any job.
Johnkeans Belt Enterprises has been a leading supplier of Hose, Fittings, and Hose Assemblies since 1977. Johnkeans Belt will not only help you decide when to use metal hose products but we will also help you select the correct metal hose for your application. Our multiple locations can provide in-field technical support, and assure timely delivery of your assemblies.
Johnkeans Belt Enterprises has been a leading supplier of hose, fittings, and hose assemblies to the Oilfield Market since 1977. Our assemblies service pressure hydro-fracking, flow back, tank truck, pumping services, high volume water transfer, cementing, and acidizing. Our exceptional customer service will keep you drilling twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. We have the largest oilfield hose inventory, so we can provide just in time solutions in an effort to reduce unnecessary down time. Our multiple locations can provide in field technical support, and assure timely delivery of your assemblies.
From aircraft refueling hose to garden hose, from metal hose to cloth covered hose, Johnkeans Belt is expert at addressing any of your hose needs. Our expertise goes beyond just selling hose and hose accessories. Here at Johnkeans Belt we can design and custom fabricate hose assemblies for any application. We are on the Qualified Provider List (QPL) for many of our assemblies. In this category you will find some of the hoses that Johnkeans Belt handles so frequently we consider them our Specialty Hoses.
Johnkeans Belt Enterprises is driven by our ability to accommodate our customer’s needs, while expanding our footprint in new and existing markets. Our ability to adapt, innovate, and bring to market best quality hose, hose assemblies, and hose accessories sets us apart from our competition. The Liquid Waste & Septic industry is one of our fastest growing markets, we’ve listened to our expanding customer base in the industry and built a comprehensive Liquid Waste Transfer product line! Our complete line of hoses including rubber, PVC & plastic suction, sewer cleaning, vacuum, water washdown & discharge, has never made waste transfer so easy to meet the needs of every individual waste management customer. Johnkeans Belt Enterprises supplies a multitude of accessories including aluminum, polypropylene, & stainless camlock quick couplers, hose clamps & tools, strainers & sight glasses, valves, and more! Our Liquid Waste Management product line maintains competitive pricing while delivering you the performance and results you’ve come to trust.
Johnkeans Belt Enterprises is known for delivering high quality, reliable products for virtually every application, and there is no exception for Waterblast Hose. All of our Waterblast Hoses are 100% tested and certified. We are also a member of the WJTA – WaterJet Technology Association.









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Johnkeans Belt Enterprises has been a leading supplier of Hose.....


Johnkeans Belt Enterprises has been a leading supplier of hose, fittings, and hose.....


Reinforcing our capability to meet the growing demand.....


Johnkeans Belt Enterprises is the go to source for all of your .....


The LDH, or Large Diameter Hose market, is one of the fastest growing markets.....


Johnkeans Belt Enterprises, Inc. carries Hydraulic Hose in the sizes.....

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